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Best-selling all over the world
The company has developed two series of products --- export-oriented motors and domestically oriented motors, with a total of over 100 kinds of starter motors. The export-oriented motors involve a total of 31 kinds of Lucas starters and over 10 kinds of Delco starters, like M127, M50, M113, M45 Lucas starters and 28MT, 37MT, 40MT, 41MT, 42MT, 50MT Delco starters, etc. The company is known as a manufacturer that produces the most complete range of starter motors in China and it has worked closely with several internationally trading companies for many years. For armatures, the company has Delco series, Ford series, Lucas series, and Denso series, with a total of over 80 kinds of armatures manufactured by the company. The products are exported to North & South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions.
Leading in the manufacturing of Lucas starters
The company covers an area of 66, 700 square meters with the plant area of 30,000 square meters. Numerous production lines of starters and armatures have been constructed since establishment. Being active in bringing in the state of the art technologies and manufacturing and testing equipments, the company has considerably improved the output of products. Meanwhile, promoting 7S management system and ERP system, the company has optimized the production procedures and thus the delivery date of the products can be guaranteed.
Manufacturing high quality products in accordance with industry standards and customer’s needs
The company has devoted to R&D, manufacturing and marketing of the starters and spare parts. Due to the state of the art technologies, advanced equipments and high quality products, Tianfeng Mechanical & Electrical has earned cooperation and recognition from customers all over the world.
Pre-sales and after-sales service facilitates your selecting and purchasing the products
The company has professional technical personnel to assist you in selecting the products at your request.
After you place the order, the sales personnel will give assistance in tracing the order and catering to your special requirements in regards to the products.
As the products are getting ready for shipping, the company will arrange a professional logistics team to deliver the products.
Tianfeng Tianfeng Tianfeng

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Company Profile

Tianchang Tianfeng Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise that produces auto starters and spare parts. It is affiliated to Tianchang Tianxiang Group and has the status of an independent legal entity.

Established in 2005, the company covers an area of 66, 700…

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